Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just be Happy

The only way to be happy is to decide your going to be happy. Sounds easy enough right? But how? Well, its your lucky day because I am going to tell you.

Only you are responsible for what you think, and only you can change what you think. YOU CAN CHANGE WHAT YOU THINK.

People move around from job to job, house, to house, city to city, lover to lover, religion to religion, the list goes on forever the only problem with idea is you bring yourself along. You still have the same thoughts and the same complaints.

Try taking a look at where you are now, think about the things of where you are now. Be grateful for where you are now. I know it sounds painfully simple but its the truth.

Thankfulness is a mind set, not just thankful at dinner time or in Church on Sunday. The feeling of deep thankfulness makes you happy. Choose to be happy. No one is responsible for another persons happiness, your husband, brother, sister, boss, kids are not responsible for your happiness and you are not responsible for theirs.

You are feeling the way you feel because of the story you are telling yourself now. Are you telling yourself you are sad? What is sadness? It is the absolute absence of happiness. Tell yourself a different story. Life isn't unfair, a struggle, too hard, painful, etc.. etc. It only is if you tell yourself that it is. A belief is only something we tell our self over and over again so it becomes real to us.

Being happy is not also something to feel guilty about either, you can never be too sad to make someone else happy.

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