Monday, March 30, 2009

How to Get Cheap Surgery outside of America (not Mexico)

If you haven’t considered planning your vacation around a plastic surgery or other elective surgery like a knee or hip replacement you’re not alone but, now you should start thinking about it.There are great hospitals and excellent doctors willing to bend over backwards for you. Medicine is big business overseas.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Recognize Someone Contemplating Suicide

How to Recognize Someone Contemplating Suicide

Depression, feeling suicidal Depression, feeling suicidal

Due to the economic downturn studies suggest that people are contemplating suicide more often.
Because of unemployment and company layoffs some people feel like there is no way out expect for suicide.
We have heard of a couple of Wall Street types committing suicide because of the pressure.
Hopefully knowing the signs and symptoms of suicide will help you help someone else.

Feeling trapped, hopeless, suicidal
Feeling trapped, hopeless, suicidal
Men are more likely to commit suicide, but women make more attempts to kill themselves.

These are the signs that someone may be contemplating suicide.

* Threatening to hurt oneself or talking about killing oneself.

* Feeling hopeless.

* Feeling trapped.

* Increased alcohol or drug use.

Suicide Note
Suicide Note

* Looking for ways to kill oneself, buying a gun, gathering pills, or other ways.

* Talking about or writing about death or wanting to die when the person does not usually do so.

* Withdrawal from family and friends.

Risky activities
Risky activities

* Unable to sleep or sleeping all the time.

* Acting reckless and engaging in risky activities.

* Feeling rage or wanting revenge.

* Dramatic mood changes.

* A sense of having no purpose or reason to live.

* A recent traumatic loss like a job or divorce.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800- 273-8255

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Live in a Sexless Marriage

How to Live in a Sexless Marriage

Sexless Marriage

A Sexless Marriage is actually fairly common, but it's not normal non the less.

You feel hurt and frustration.

A sexless marriage can leave you feeling depressed, resentful and angry.

Being married to someone who lacks sexual desire or avoids sex altogether at all cost also causes low self esteem and loss of affection, not to mention leaving you confused.

You don't want to leave or cheat, so what do you do?


Difficulty: Challenging

No Sex No Sex Your mate is a wonderful person and a sweet person but also a passionless person. While there are some legitimate physical reasons why sex may not be possible, you already know that's not the case.

Is sex the most important thing in your marriage? Probably not.
Family and friends Family and friends You have to focus on your family, children, friends and work. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage anyway.

There is no yelling, no fighting and you have been together for many years.

Be realistic. Did you really think that you would have awesome toe curling sex forever? Some do but most do not.

Most couples who have a sexless marriage actually do have sex occasionally.

There is absolutely no reason to cheat. Sex with somebody else will get old, less exciting and you will feel guilty and the sex will probably stop as well.
Be friends Be friends Try rekindling the romance of when you were dating before life got so hectic. Try to fall in love again with the person you married. It probably won't get you more sex but it will make the relationship better.

Look, as long as there is caring and yes, love and respect, then the marriage can work. There is no reason to divorce and upset more lives than your own.

Your mate knows there is a problem too, their not blind to it. Your spouse will appreciate that you stay with them, he or she doesn't want to split either. There's more to a marriage than sex.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Avoid The Keeping up With Joneses Syndrome

How to Avoid The Keeping up With Joneses Syndrome

Avoiding debt on things you can't afford. Lower your mortage. Avoiding debt on things you can't afford. Lower your mortage.

The Joneses are in debt up to their eye balls and broke, so why do we want to keep up with them? We should be avoiding them like the plague.

Whether the Joneses live down the street from you or Jones is your co-worker, brother, sister or best friend, trying to keep up with them or compare yourself to them will only lead to your disappointment.

Avoid getting caught in the trap or get out of the trap if you are in it already.

Stuff you can't really afford. Stuff you can't really afford. Avoid the pursuit of impossibility. It's a giant waste of time and very stress inducing so STOP IT!

So, the guy next door just got a new big screen television, a new car and the smallest cell phone you have ever seen. How is he going to pay for all that debt? Well, I would bet that if truth be told they are barely making it.

Why do they do it? Some people need their McMansion to feel good about themselves or prove that they have finally made it. Others just need to show off fulfilling some perceived social or psychological need to be seen as better off then they really are.

The newest stuff you don't really need. The newest stuff you don't really need. With the grim outlook for the economy, spending money on status symbols just for the sake of showing off should be a thing of the past. If you are driving a Hummer but have nothing in your retirement accounts, you might want to reevaluate your priorities.

Look, that ipod you bought last month is already an antique and the new and improved iphone has another hundred features you will never use.

Cut up your credit Cards Cut up your credit Cards Now is the time to trim the fat.

Set your priorities: how many cars can you drive at one time?
We live in a disposable society and we want instant gratification. We see it now, we want it now, we put it on the credit card. Whatever happened to saving up for what we want? If you can't afford it now, don't buy it now.

Leave the materialism of the last ten years behind and be concerned about your future. Start building up your nest egg and cutting out or not getting at all, things like the three hundred channels on Dish network or the Blu-ray player.

And like my mom told me as a kid. What the neighbors do aint our business.

How to Stop Killing Yourself With Food

Food is everywhere we go, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Food is on TV twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

TV and our culture offer a subliminal message, telling us that we are hungry all the time.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:

  • Discipline
  • Ambition
  • Stick-to-it-ness
Whether it's emotional issues, medical issues or food addiction, it's just plain stupid to continue to eat yourself to death.

Often, hard-to-budge weight is a symptom of a hidden medical problem, so seeing a doctor should be your first step.

Emotional eating, stress eating and just a feeling of low self esteem and wanting to have control is all part of eating obsessions.

Look, if you are eating a mountain of pancakes covered in syrup and butter with a side of bacon, you are not in control.

Gain control of your life.
Understand that you have a very intimate relationship with food, a secret love affair.

Let's uncover the root of the problem. You were not born with this behavior. It was learned, or caused by emotional issues and depression.

Seek help.

Seek therapy: to get to the root of why you are eating for other reasons than hunger.

Eat conciously: while eating or mindful eating, think about the food while you are eating it. Why are you eating? Feel the food, taste the food, chew the food. Watching TV while eating is a serious problem. You look down, see the empty plate, and don't even remember eating it. Turn the TV off and focus on the food.
Guided Imagery: See yourself eating food because you enjoy it and you are nourishing your body's needs. See food no longer dominating and controlling your life. See yourself healthy and strong. You have the power within yourself.

Live in the now, be good to yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself. It's OK to have had the feelings of guilt and shame, but now it's time to let that go and forgive yourself.
Get outside of yourself. Practice spirituality, give to others. Take some of the focus off yourself, volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen.

These steps are meant to help you treat the body, mind and spirit, the whole person.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Not Lose Your Mind While Waiting In Line at Wal-Mart

The average American spends two to three years of his or her life waiting in line, unless you are a regular at a Wal-Mart Super Center. Then it goes up to about six years.

As if all the people bumping into you and walking into you with never an "excuse me" to be muttered were not enough, now we have to wait in line.

Difficulty: Challenging
Things You’ll Need:
* the patience of a saint
* the attitude of a martyr

Unless you are a Vampire and like to do your shopping at three in the morning, Wal-Mart is not the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Its worse than the bank and the post office put together.

So, here you are waiting in line for what would be considered an eternity in some parts of the universe. You can finally make out the cashier's face and BAM, she flips on her "help me" light for a price check. So how do you not become totally enraged?

Do not go to Wal-Mart if you are in a hurry. Make sure you have plenty of time, because you are not going anywhere fast.

Here are few tips to keep your head from exploding, and telling that person behind you, who keeps bumping into your ankle, what you really think of her and the six kids in her shopping cart.

You probably have food in your cart, or there is a candy rack just up ahead filled with Snickers bars, Frito's and Jerky. So go ahead and dig in. That's why it's there, set up looking like a smorgasbord. The good people at Wal-Mart know you are bound to get hungry while waiting in line.

Read the magazines.
These are the fun magazines, the ones you don't want to spend money on. You want to read about Octo-mom, Brad, Angie and Jen, and the latest gossip in Hollywood. While you're there, you can read the other rags about life in outer space, and why Obama is gay.

Strike up a conversation with someone, tell them how much Facebook has taken over your life. You never go out with friends anymore because you are too busy typing to them. This should kill some time, or least they will think you are crazy and step a few feet further away from you.

Stand staring blankly into space.
It’s very restful here in line. Look at that guy walking by with a ham the size of a small car.

So now all you can do is wait and daydream and wait and daydream and wait. Or go to Target next time.