Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Live in a Sexless Marriage

How to Live in a Sexless Marriage

Sexless Marriage

A Sexless Marriage is actually fairly common, but it's not normal non the less.

You feel hurt and frustration.

A sexless marriage can leave you feeling depressed, resentful and angry.

Being married to someone who lacks sexual desire or avoids sex altogether at all cost also causes low self esteem and loss of affection, not to mention leaving you confused.

You don't want to leave or cheat, so what do you do?


Difficulty: Challenging

No Sex No Sex Your mate is a wonderful person and a sweet person but also a passionless person. While there are some legitimate physical reasons why sex may not be possible, you already know that's not the case.

Is sex the most important thing in your marriage? Probably not.
Family and friends Family and friends You have to focus on your family, children, friends and work. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage anyway.

There is no yelling, no fighting and you have been together for many years.

Be realistic. Did you really think that you would have awesome toe curling sex forever? Some do but most do not.

Most couples who have a sexless marriage actually do have sex occasionally.

There is absolutely no reason to cheat. Sex with somebody else will get old, less exciting and you will feel guilty and the sex will probably stop as well.
Be friends Be friends Try rekindling the romance of when you were dating before life got so hectic. Try to fall in love again with the person you married. It probably won't get you more sex but it will make the relationship better.

Look, as long as there is caring and yes, love and respect, then the marriage can work. There is no reason to divorce and upset more lives than your own.

Your mate knows there is a problem too, their not blind to it. Your spouse will appreciate that you stay with them, he or she doesn't want to split either. There's more to a marriage than sex.

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