Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Universial Manager

Now I am turning over some other things to you. And I know that you will get it right as you always do.

I spend my time struggling, in vain, to make others into what I want them to be, or I can see the inherent flaw in thinking this way, and -- rather than trying to change others to suit my needs -- see through the false idea that someone else is responsible for my fulfillment.

I can let go of those resentful feelings toward my job, because the treadmill isn't what I'm doing but the way I am thinking.

I can let go of trying to change other people, because I am what is bothering me about them.

I can let go of the fear of unforeseen changes or challenges, because all I really ever have to face in any challenging moment is myrself.

I am always right where I need to be to take the next step beyond myself.

I am right and in the right of right of now.

Thanks for for you time Dear Universal Manager

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