Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visualization and Alice

What it is that you really desire? You have to decide.

Pretend you are seated in a movie theater watching everything you really want up there on the Big Screen. See everything in detail, feel everything in detail. It's very important to FEEL what you want, as though you have already got it.

Don't get into the habit of meditating in the future as if you might get it some day. What does it feel like to have your toes sink into the warm sand, what does it feel like to hold that cold wet margarita glass, what will diving into your new cool lap pool feel like as you glide through the water? Meditate in the delight of your new circumstance right now.

You already have everything you desire in the non physical. It is your work to manifest your desire into the material world, and you do this by visualizing it in the Now and just sitting back and letting the Universe do its stuff.

In the book Alice in Wonderland, after Alice falls down the rabbit hole, she looks for a way out. Finally she comes across several holes leading off to different paths, and she meets a cat sitting next to the paths. She asks the cat if he could show her which way to take. He asks her "Where do you want to go?"

She says, "I don't know," to which the cat says, "Then it does not matter which path you take".

If you are a believer in the Chaos Theory, there is no sense in meditating or visualizing. Life is just a series of random events. If, however you don't believe this theory, you better decide now what is your desire, so you can pick your path and visualize your dreams into your here-and-now reality.

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