Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to Be a Sexy Classy Cougar

Demi Moore, beautiful older womenBeautiful older woman

Step aside Sara Jessica Parker, and move over Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: the rest of the “Cougar” pack is here.

What makes a real cougar? A real cougar is something very special and she can’t be missed.

She is much more than an M.I.L.F and much deeper. A cougar is a real woman, beautiful, intelligent, independent and on the hunt. A cougar knows how important it is to take control of her own life and she is not afraid to do so.

A cougar has her own style and unrivaled sophistication. A cougar is not an unhappy old lady looking to chase after younger men or cubs to make herself feel better about her age. The fact is the younger men are chasing the cougar. Right, Demi?


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Sex appeal
  • confidence
Kim Cattrall,a hot mature women Kim Cattrall,a hot mature women The first step to being a cougar is to know that you are indeed a cougar. Wake up that sex kitten lying inside yourself. You’re hot, sexy, and smart, you have ageless beauty and most of all, you know what you want. A cougar is not a used up old woman preying on younger men.

A cougar is tired of the old double standard and she is here to prove that age is nothing but a number.
The cougar hunters are all but too happy to please, because she is confident, sexually mature, and she doesn’t have inhibitions or body hang-ups like her younger counter parts
Dating Sevices to find a Cougar Dating Sevices to find a Cougar She certainly doesn’t want to be sitting at home knitting on a Saturday night. The cougar is free to choose what she wants for herself and she wants to have fun, go out to bars, and enjoy herself.

The cougar is in shape, she is proud of her body, she is happy, not afraid of getting old, and very sexy. You will never find any granny panties or old bald men with no teeth with this woman.
Sexual confidence and the older woman Sexual confidence and the older woman She oozes sexual confidence. She is not starving herself to get noticed and men are falling all over themselves to get to her. She is a confident older woman.

Being called a cougar is an honor, not a put down. Stand up, be proud ,and roar.

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