Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Decode Can I Come in for a Drink

So, he picked you up for dinner took you to a romantic, moderately expensive restaurant. You had a few drinks and mildly entertaining conversation. Finally it's getting late and it's time he took you home. The tumultuous seas of dating decorum can be hard to navigate.As you walk to the door he leans in towards you, and says, "Can I come in for a drink?"Let's decode what he really means, and what you might say.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
Self confidence


Dating The tumultuous seas of dating decorum can be hard to navigate, but people have been using the phrase: ‘want to come in for a drink?’ for so long that you'd have to have spent the last century under a rock not to assume that you are being invited for a lot more than a nightcap. So the important first step is, hear what he is saying. In this case, the word 'drink' does not mean liquid in a glass...although anything is possible. Understand that he is asking for an invitation to, ahem, Know you in a biblical sense.


First Date If you choose to accept the invitation, be aware that the person asking is also assuming that you're both communicating. If you invite him to come in to your home, you are entering a potentially dangerous contract with a person you may or may not know that well. He is expecting sex. What are you expecting?


To keep communication flowing on your date, and to keep everything light and friendly, know what the possibilities are before you accept an invitation for dinner in the first place, and be prepared. That way, you can strategize the end of the evening. If at the end of dinner, you find that all you really want is another drink, order it before you leave the restaurant. If it's sex that you are looking for, then by all means, let him ask you if he can come in, say yes with a smile, and then enjoy that drink.

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