Monday, April 6, 2009

How to To Put Gentle Back in Gentleman for Women

When did men stop being gentlemen? I know there are still some out there, but where?

How can women expect their knight in shining armor to show up on his stead if we keep kicking him off it?

Somewhere along the way, we women got mixed up by thinking that men with manners somehow downplay our equality as women.

Gentlemen are a dying breed and it is up to the women to resuscitate him.

We can start by appreciating a gentleman, expecting a gentleman, and raising our boys to be gentlemen.


Difficulty: Easy
Beautiful women demand respect Beautiful women demand respect Women, we know we have equality we burned or bras and somehow lost a lot of respect for being valued as women. I know a lot of women will disagree with me and that’s ok. I know plenty of women who don’t need protecting. I for one want to feel cherished and protected by my man.
Being a gentleman does not mean a man is a wuss or walks behind women with his tail wagging, quite the opposite actually.

A gentleman has deep respect for women, he knows she is to be honored and adored and is awe of her abilities. A gentleman always has the lady’s interest at heart even if it is just walking on the curb side of a road while taking a stroll.
Women dating expect respect Women dating expect respect Women who want to be treated as a lady must act as a lady.

Being a lady we know that men won’t tell obscene jokes in front of, show up late for a date in baggy jeans, ask us for money, fart and laugh about it or, try to bed us in the first month.

We must demand that men be gentlemen and all gentlemen have manners.
The groom The groom Men are very confused right now not knowing where they stand. We need to ask ourselves how we want our sons and daughters to respect each other and how we want them to be treated.

Yes, Virginia there is a Mr. Knightly

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