Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Marry an Alaskan Man

Believe it or not, there is even a magazine called 'Alaska Men', with plenty of single men to choose from. But how do you meet the everyday REAL Alaskan-born man and marry him?

There are dating websites devoted exclusively for single men in Alaska, but you won’t need a dating site to find a quality Alaskan male.

The men in Alaska still out-number the women, but for good reason. Alaska is not an easy place to live, especially if you are not going to be in one of the three biggest cities: Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau. There is no Macy’s, Nieman Marcus or even a Red Lobster.

The professional man can usually be found at F Street Station in Anchorage or at a local seafood restaurant in downtown Anchorage called Simon and Seaforts. The single professional man in Anchorage or anywhere else in the state for that matter, is usually surrounded by a few Alaskan women carrying more than a few extra pounds.

Alaskan men are real. Never hope for a metro sexual in Alaska. For the most part, most Alaskan males don’t get manicures, are not vegetarians, and don’t belong to cigar clubs. Alaskan men hunt, fish and fly their own planes to their hunting cabins. They have beards and dirty fingernails. But these hard working real men have a lot to offer a real lady who can take living in Alaska.

A man from Alaska will have no problem keeping you warm at night, and you will always feel safe with him, because you know he will protect you at all costs. Even if the Alaskan man is not the most romantic man around, you will never be hungry because even with the local Safeway he will be shooting you a moose for the freezer and bringing you home fresh wild salmon for canning.

A couple of other places to meet real Alaskan men in Anchorage are a restaurant/hangout called Humpy’s (that’s a fish in Alaska), Chilkoot Charlie’s which is the local pick up joint, The Hilton Sports Bar, and Club Paris, which is a dive, but has the best steaks in town. Places to stay away from in Anchorage are Darwin’s Theory, the bar for the downtown homeless, Club Millennium which is the underage kid club, and the Bush Company which is the local strip club and meat market.

If you really want to meet a man in Alaska, learn how to fish and stroll up on a river bank and ask him how the fish are biting, or learn to shoot and go to the range at Potters Marsh or Grouse Ridge.
If you do meet and marry an Alaskan man, prepare yourself for a honeymoon in a tent or a fabulous fishing trip on the Kenai River.


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