Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Tell If Your Boss Is Crazy

How can you tell if your boss is crazy, bipolar, a narcissist, or all three. So, he may not be Stalin or Rod Blagojevich but you think he may be nuts all the same.

Things You'll Need:
Nerves of steal. 
A after work cocktail.

Step 1 
Don't let the boss drive you crazy too. Well, if you haven't read my previous article on keeping a "Bug -Out-Bag" now may be the time. It seems that another head rolls off the ol' chopping block everyday. So, lets keep low and go in to check on the mental stability of....THE BOSS.

Step 2
 Mean boss. You've had some suspicions about the sanity level of your boss but is he really crazy or just mean? Either way you have to go in everyday and deal with him or her so, you may as well get along. Here's how.

Step 3
Appear confident Take a deep breath and relax when you are around the boss. If you don't appear confident and strong he may see you as someone who he can release all of his frustrations on. It is the weak that feels the need to bring others down.

Step 4
Stay positive. Believe that you are a worthy person, and you know how to do your job and do it well. If you have good self esteem you will be able to conquer all of the negativity that your crazy boss dishes out, and you will show everyone how a little positiveness can change their outlook. Nobody says that you have to be friends with this guy. He or she is your boss and you have to respect him and do what he asks but, nothing says that you have to be difficult too because he irritates you.

Work at Wal-Mart. A new job, you can look for a new job but that is probably not a great idea in today's economy and at least you have a job. Even if you do get another job there is a big chance you will meet the same problems, just with a different set of faces. You can also do what a lot of us do, when he have to deal with a crazy boss clock in, do your job, mind your own business, go home.

Step 6 
If you feel that your boss is really a nut case then you and your co-workers may need to have an intervention. This will get him or her a paid leave of absence to work out her "emotional issues" and out of your hair, for at least a month.

•  Do the your best everyday.
•  Try and find something positive to think about your boss.
•  Don't quit you job unless you another job.


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