Friday, October 31, 2014


How to Not Lose Your Mind While Waiting In Line at Wal-Mart

The average American spends two to three years of his or her life waiting in line, unless you are a regular at a Wal-Mart Super Center. Then it goes up to about six years.

As if all the people bumping into you and walking into you with never an "excuse me" to be muttered were not enough, now we have to wait in line.

Difficulty: Challenging
Things You’ll Need:
* the patience of a saint
* the attitude of a martyr

Unless you are a Vampire and like to do your shopping at three in the morning, Wal-Mart is not the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Its worse than the bank and the post office put together.

So, here you are waiting in line for what would be considered an eternity in some parts of the universe. You can finally make out the cashier's face and BAM, she flips on her "help me" light for a price check. So how do you not become totally enraged?

Do not go to Wal-Mart if you are in a hurry. Make sure you have plenty of time, because you are not going anywhere fast.

Here are few tips to keep your head from exploding, and telling that person behind you, who keeps bumping into your ankle, what you really think of her and the six kids in her shopping cart.

You probably have food in your cart, or there is a candy rack just up ahead filled with Snickers bars, Frito's and Jerky. So go ahead and dig in. That's why it's there, set up looking like a smorgasbord. The good people at Wal-Mart know you are bound to get hungry while waiting in line.

Read the magazines.
These are the fun magazines, the ones you don't want to spend money on. You want to read about Octo-mom, Brad, Angie and Jen, and the latest gossip in Hollywood. While you're there, you can read the other rags about life in outer space, and why Obama is gay.

Strike up a conversation with someone, tell them how much Facebook has taken over your life. You never go out with friends anymore because you are too busy typing to them. This should kill some time, or least they will think you are crazy and step a few feet further away from you.

Stand staring blankly into space.
It’s very restful here in line. Look at that guy walking by with a ham the size of a small car.

So now all you can do is wait and daydream and wait and daydream and wait. Or go to Target next time.


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